Flying Car Parts - "we're DIY too"

Want to know a little about who you are purchasing from? Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Flying Car Parts is a business born of passion. The best kind in our opinion. We've done retail before in another industry with success but it's time to challenge ourselves again. Officially (but quietly) launching in July 2017, Flying Car Parts aims to provide the Australian DIY car community with an honest and knowledgeable service. We've been the customer for years and know the frustration of waiting weeks for the wrong part to arrive, only to get a defensive attitude when asking for help. Not good enough. Honesty and transparency above all else we say. Want to hear some reasons why you should pull the trigger with us?

We're DIY too!

We know that when laying on your back under a car, you'll still get bits of in your eyes even though you're wearing safety glasses. We know the feeling of something breaking that turns a 2 hour job in a 2 day job. We also know how great it feels when you solve a problem that seemed impossible only a few hours earlier.

The customer has always been right, but now they are even righter.

It doesn't matter how accurate our suppliers specifications for a product are, there is always going to be a small percentage of customers who experience fitment or compatibility issues. If that becomes your experience, guess what? You're our most very important VIP person! Instead of wishing you away, we want to know the whole story. Everytime we fix a problem, we grow.

We've been selling online for close to 6 years already, we know how to deliver.

We might be new kids on the block on the online automotive world, but we've cut our teeth already in another retail sector, sending out over 10,000 orders of much more fragile goods. Our other company's eBay store has a rock solid positive feedback score of 100%. Get in touch if you'd like to more about our history.

We're currently online only, but pickup options will be available soon...

We're based in Northcote, Victoria - if that's close to you and you would prefer to pick your goods up, get in touch. This will be an official option in the future.